In 2019, I completed a photobook documentary project...
In 2019, I completed a photobook documentary project focusing on key themes in Latin America, including urbanization, immigration, and coffee culture. The title of my book is Fleeting Roots: Moments in Latin America / Raíces fugaces: momentos en Latinoamérica. I also share work I did with NGOs in Latin America, including projects in La Limonada (a marginalized neighborhood in Guatemala City) and Casa Amarela (a youth community center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) established by the French artist JR.

"An aspect that emanates from Fleeting Roots is the honesty with which Bennett approaches the subjects he captures. There is nothing in these pages that feels forced or contrived. Nor is there a need to interpret, to dominate, or to exploit the other."

"Algo que desprende de Raíces fugaces es la honestidad con la que Bennett se acerca a los sujetos que retrata. No hay nada en estas páginas que se sienta forzado, ni fingido. Tampoco existe la necesidad de interpretar, dominar, o explotar al otro."

Poet and Professor Margarita Pintado (from the Introduction / de la introducción)
For purchase information, please contact me through my...
For purchase information, please contact me through my website (contact page form).

8" x 12"
115 pgs.
93 color photographs
Printed on: Sterling Premium Indigo Dull 100Tx paper
Introduction by Dr. Margarita Pintado

The book is $30 (plus $7 for shipping).

For international orders, please contact me to clarify the shipping price.


Scott Bennett Photography

Photographer and educator Scott Bennett lives in San Diego, California. He documents life and culture in Latin America and the Borderlands.
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